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History and Origins of the Order

In the late 1980's, those who were to become the founders of the Grand Order of Oberon organized seasonal festivals to celebrate the ancient holidays with their friends. As the popularity of and interest in these celebrations grew, the festivals became larger and more elaborate. The Grand Order of Oberon was formed on the 1st of May in 1990 by Shaman Aegelric Maergeat. Conal Maergeat, brother of Aegelric, was named the Chieftain and the third founding member, Lord Modred, was made First Knight Elder.

The Order's main function in these early days (known as the 'Ancient Kingdom') was to oversee the organization of the seasonal festivals and to lead their rituals and ceremonies. Before long, the Order had gained a small body of members, mostly recruited from the regulars at the festivals.

During the short period known as 'The Old Kingdom' (1990-1994), the Order had a good number of members. Many facets of the Order were being explored, Squires being chosen, some attaining Knighthood, and the 'exclusive' Wizard's House had it's first initiate. Positions were appointed, members rose through the ranks and there was a flourishing community of artisans and functionaries.

Disputes over the direction of the Order and a growing lack of enthusiasm among members brought this period to an end. During this turbulent period, over a third of the Order's members had left. Not knowing what the future held, the Grand Order of Oberon was 'unofficially' dissolved.

After a brief hiatus, and several changes in location, the Order came back from the dead. This was the time of 'The Middle Kingom' (1996-1998), marked mostly by an effort to increase attendance at the festivals and to rebuild the Order.

The Grand Order of Oberon experienced more location changes, and many regular festival guests dropped away. But as 'The New Kingdom' (1998-present) began, the Order experienced a sort of renaissance. Morale increased, and a more solid structure was built on the foundation of the old ruins. As the Order faced it's 10th year, weary members continued to keep it growing and vital. The core members of the Grand Order of Oberon are more focused than ever, and remain dedicated to their goals.

The High Council of The Grand Order of Oberon:
Shaman Aegelric Maergeat, Dame Gwhen, Lord Modred and King Conal Maergeat. (circa 1992)

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