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The Warriors' House

The knights of the Grand Order of Oberon are a body of members dedicated to upholding the codes of honor, bravery and valor. Though some weapon skill is encouraged, the core of a knight's training is knowledge of the tradition and the Order's structure and goals. Basically, there are two fundimental principals involved in knighthood in the Order. First, that nobility is not a birthright, it must be earned and is defined by one's actions. The second is that knowledge is an empowering force. Therefore, by learning and adherence to certain moral outlines, one may achieve knighthood.

King Conal Maergeat
The journey to knighthood begins when a knight chooses a member to be his squire. In the Grand Order of Oberon, it is generally accepted that the possition of squire is a step to eventual knighthood. However, it is possible for someone to choose to stay a squire and continue to serve his or her knight.

It is at the level of squire that training begins, first with the ins and outs of the Order and its functions and then the use of arms. Lastly, the squire will learn to uphold the codes of the Order knights. This can be the most difficult part of the proccess. It is not unusual for an individual to be knighted within a year of his becoming a squire. Likewise, it may take many years. The deciding factor is dedication.

Dame Gwhen Delling
Being Knighted
A knight has many responsibilities both inside and outside the Order. The knights are called upon to lead and set examples, especially at the Grand Order of Oberon's seasonal festivals. They must also take part in activities such as battle rites and other ceremonies. Knights must also be knowledgable about the laws of the Order and strive to uphold them.

The knights are held in high regard at the council meetings. The leader of the knights is the First Knight Elder, who is second only to the King in the Warrior's House, and it is he who presides over the meetings and keeps order.

First Knight Elder,
Lord Modred
Knight Elder,
Sir Seamus

Sir Gwahir

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