The Grand Order of Oberon
Welcome to the Grand Order of Oberon meeting hall! Make yourself at home. Have a cup of mead. The guests are revelling and the minstrals are playing as the warriors tell tales of the battles they've fought.

Enjoy your stay. Feel free to explore. The hall still needs a little work so we hope you'll come back and see our new additions. We've recently added information on the history and origins of the Order, and have added the warrior's and wizard's chambers where you can get to know more about these factions of the order. Soon we hope to be adding some information on our deities.

The Grand Order of Oberon is an organization dedicated to upholding the traditions, ideals and religious beliefs of pre-christian Scandinavia, Northern Europe and the British Isles. We are a tribal society which stresses individuality while working for the good of the group.

The structure of the order is like that of primitive societies. We have a King (also called the Chieftain) and a Wizard King (or Shaman) who govern the Warriors, Priests, Guildsmen and initiates who make up the body of the order.

Although the order promotes ancient religious ideals, one need not subscribe to these specific ideals to be considered for membership. One need only understand these ideals, support their promotion and believe in everyone's right to their own religion.

The Order does not support beliefs of racial supremacy and does not tolerate those who do support them. We do not discriminate against anyone based on race, color, ethnic background, gender or sexual orientation.

We are not Satanists, nor do we believe in "the Devil" or any other christian spirit. We do not sacrifice any animal (including humans) as this is against our beliefs.

The Grand Order of Oberon is an independant organization and is not affiliated with any other group. We can not be compared with so called medieval re-enactment groups, fantasy sword and sorcery organizations, or neo-pagan religious groups.

The order sponsors a variety of activities, some of which are open to non-members. These functions include seasonal festivals, rituals and musical performances, as well as recreational and cultural excursions.

If you're interested in learning more or if you have any questions, feel free to e-mail us.

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