The Wizards' House

The Wizard's House is made up of priests and seers, and is led by the Shaman (or Wizard King). Along with performing and conducting rituals and ceremonies, it is the duty of the Wizard's House to guide the Order in the spiritual sense.

Shaman Aegelric Maergeat
performs a battle prayer at
the altar of Odin
It is very difficult to enter the Wizard's House. A person must be chosen by the Shaman to follow this path. If the Shaman feels someone can not perform the functions of the priest/seer, he will not allow them to join.

The Wizard's House isn't nearly as structured as the Warrior's House. There are less clearly defined lines between positions. If a person is given the choice to enter the Wizard's House, he or she will begin as an initiate. At this level, they are taught about the religious and ritual side of the tradition.

Kahvi (aka
Dame Gwhen Delling)
being initiated into
the Wizard's House
The next step is that of Bard or Skald, where much deeper aspects of the Order are revealed. The Bard/Skald will begin training in the performance of rituals, as well as those aspects attained by the Bards of ancient history. It may take years before any advancement beyond this point happens. For some it may never happen, and of course at any station along the way an individual may choose to remain rather than progress.

The Ovates/Seers are concerned with divination and ritual practices. It is at this level that one begins performing some of the rites of the Order. This position requires much skill and natural ability, and therefore is difficult to attain.

Aegelric Maergeat
(circa 1992)
At the highest level are the Druids or Gothi. They may perform all the ceremonial duties and rituals in the tradition. They are above even the knights, and are held as arbitrators and upholders of the law.

In charge of the Wizard's House is the Shaman who goes by many titles (Wizard, High Priest, Arch-Druid and Wizard King). He is above all except the Chieftain, who can not make decrees without the Shaman's consultation. The Shaman and his Envoy are members of the high council with the Chieftain and the First Knight Elder. It is the Shaman's main duty to see that the Order acts within the lines of the tradition.

Kahvi (Wizard's Envoy)

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